KS-C155B 12v 155AH Compact Series Bluetooth High Power lithium leisure battery


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KS-C155B 150AH COMPACT SERIES 12V High Power/High Capacity with integral Low Temperature Protection and Bluetooth Remote Monitoring 

155AH premium lithium-iron phosphate deep cycle leisure battery featuring an ultra compact footprint of the 100 and 120 super series batteries. Bluetooth monitoring, low temperature charge protection and high Current 150A continuous output current rating come as standard. Perfect for Motorhomes, Camper vans, liver-board boats, caravan and camping requiring all year round highly demanding leisure use including mains inverters.

Product Data Sheet

Specifications- KS-C155B
Product code: 5060716640179
Type: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
Battery voltage nominal: 12.8V, charged at rested: 13.2V
Capacity: 155Ah nominal, (2KWh @ 25°C)
Cells: cylindrical 3.2V 4000mAh, Arrangement: 4S *40P
Maximum continuous discharge current: 150A
Peak surge discharge current: 300A for 5 seconds
Size: (mm ±2) L*W*H 330*170*215 (inch 12.9*6.7*8.5)
Weight: 16.5Kg (31.3lbs)
Max continuous charge current: 120A
Max charge voltage: 14.6V
Recommended charge current <75A
Recommended discharge current: <100A
Recommended Charge voltage 14.4V, Charge type: CC/CV
Recommended low voltage disconnect 11V
Float voltage (when applicable) 13.2V – 13.3V
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to +30°C
Battery Management/Protection:
Internal BMS actively balanced
Battery Low temperature Charge Protection (charge current disconnects at zero <0°C)
Battery Over Charge Disconnect Protection~(cell bank disconnect >3.80V resumes <3.43V)
Battery Over Discharge Protection (Discharge disconnects <9.8V, release 11.8V)
Short Circuit electronic trip: (>400A <250µS)
Over voltage: detect 15.2V <2S, release 14.3V
Over temperature shut down: 65°C, release <55°C
Depth Discharge: 100% Efficiency: 99%
Internal resistance ( ±3%) : 20mΩ @ 50% SOC 25°C
Self-discharge: 2.5% per month
Maximum recommended dry storage duration: (@55% capacity): 12 months
Terminals: F12 (M8), Terminal torque 90ft/lb – 10Nm
Case material: ABS, Ingress Rating: IP64
Parallel configuration: unlimited, Series: 4 batteries maximum
Life Span: >4500 cycles @80%-30% DOD @0.5C, >2250 cycles DOD 95% @1C
Wireless protocol: Low energy – Bluetooth® 4.0
Compliance: CE Certification for the entire battery (product)
ROHS Certification for the entire battery (product)
UN38.3 Certification for the entire battery (product)
Shipping designation Class 9
Designed in Great Britain by KS Energy Holdings (UK) Limited, assembled in China



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