Drop in lithium deep cycle replacement leisure batteries

Leaders in Lithium-iron Phosphate motorhome, caravan & marine leisure batteries

Leaders in leisure batteries for the motorhome, marine, camping and caravan markets

We offer a range of high quality Lithium battery solutions for the leisure industry including Motorhomes, Marine, Caravan, Camping and campervans. In addition we also design and supply for specialist applications and our batteries are currently used by the MOD, Police and in a number of Industrial applications. Our products are available to the public directly from stock through our online website store 

*Where a purchase is made directly, we can offer a battery fitting service to you*

Seven year warranty

All our innovative lithium batteries carry our renown attention to detail and quality assurance. Moreover, our batteries only incorporate the use of rolled cylindrical cells which are significantly more robust both electrically and physically than other cell packaging such a prismatic. Moreover because many multiple cells are employed per cell bank, battery function is not compromised in the event of a single cell failure. This is why KS Energy batteries all carry a unified industry leading 7 year warranty.

  • 60AH lithium leisure battery with Bluetooth and low temperature protection
    KS-LT60B 60AH 12V lithium leisure battery
  • LiFePo4 ks energy lithium battery
    KS-LT300B 300Ah Bluetooth lithium battery
  • Ducato lithium seat base battery
    KS-SB00B 200Ah Ducato seat battery
  • Ultra low temperature heated LiFePo4 leisure battery model KS-ARC100
    Arctic LiFePo low temperature battery
  • 200AH lithium motorhome, marine and caravan battery
    KS-LT200B lithium leisure battery
  • Replacement lithium motorhome battery
    KS Energy for motorhomes
  • Generic 200AH Lithium seat base battery
    Generic 200Ah seat base battery
  • 150AH lithium bluetooth leisure battery
    KS-LT150B 150ah lithium battery
  • KS Energy far east factory floor
    KS Energy far east factory floor
  • KS Energy Bluetooth app and battery
    KS-LT150BB Bluetooth battery
  • Golf and Industrial LiFePo4 lithium battery
    KS-24 lithium battery
  • 20A 12V lithium battery charger
    KS Energy lithium battery charger
  • Industrial and portable equipment lithium battery LiFePo4
    KS-20 Industrial lithium battery
  • High power BMS with temperature protection
    KS-LT120 lithium iron battery
"KS Energy" for Android & Apple Bluetooth State of Charge fuel gauge

Our "Super Series" lithium leisure batteries are genuinely smart and incorporate Bluetooth and low temperature charge protection as standard.

Our batteries have been designed to be a like for like no-nonsense drop in replacement for older AGM, GEL or lead-acid deep cycle leisure batteries. There is no requirement for you to change or modify your existing mains or solar chargers and our batteries can be charged directly from the vehicles existing  standard fixed voltage 14.4V alternator. They are practically "abuse proof" in that they incorporate over charge/under charge/over temperature and under temperature protection.

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