Drop in lithium deep cycle replacement leisure batteries

Leaders Lithium-ion Phosphate motor home & marine leisure batteries

Leaders in 12V leisure batteries for motorhomes, marine, camping and caravan market

KS Energy provide the very highest quality Lithium-ion battery solutions for sectors in the leisure industry such as Motorhomes, Caravan, Camping and Marine. In addition we also supply more specialist areas that include emergency vehicle, electric golf carts and buggies, disability scooters, motorcycles, solar storage and specialised industrial applications. Our products are available to the public directly from our warehouse through our online website store. 

*Where a purchase is made directly or via our online web site, we offer a FREE fitting service to you in Stouport*

In addition we actively support and seeking suitable retailers, re-sellers, trade stockists and trade installers of our products.

KS Energy Holding (UK) ltd are the UK distributor for GSL,  a far eastern leading manufacturer of Lifepo4 batteries (established 2006) who's brand of battery is KS Energy. Constant reinvestment into leading advanced production processes ensure the cells are among the highest quality cells produced anywhere in the world. One reason KS Energy batteries carry a 10 Year operational Guarantee.


KS energy batteries have been designed to be a like for like no-nonsense drop in replacement for older AGM, GEL or lead-acid deep cycle leisure batteries. There is no requirement for you to change or modify your existing mains charger and our batteries can be charged directly from the vehicles existing  standard fixed voltage 14.4V alternator.

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