Pre 2022 Warranty


This warranty applies to all batteries manufactured and sold before 1st January, 2022: 

From the date of purchase for 10 calendar years on our super series batteries, and 7 years on our compact and SB/LP series, we will at our option, replace or repair defective products free of all parts and/or labour. This includes the costs of return carriage but does not include customer removal or forwarding costs which under all circumstances we would not be held liable for. In the instance of no faults found, we reserve the right to levy an appropriate charge to cover investigation and administration costs.  Please note that Bluetooth is not an essential feature for battery operation and issues with bluetooth, (ie. weak signal, unsupported phone or app for example) are not covered under warranty and failure of operation, either a fault with the app or the bluetooth module inside the battery is not covered by our warranty.

The warranty will be considered void if the unit has suffered any physical damage or alteration, either internally or externally. The warranty does not cover damages arising from improper use or use outside of the stated battery specifications including: • Reverse of battery polarity. • Inadequate connection. • Mechanical shock or deformation. • Contact with liquid. • Incorrect charging • Incorrect discharging • Cell damage (including crystallization) by accidentally or purposely charging below or above stated charge environmental temperatures • Discharging below or above stated discharge temperature  • Incorrect storage • Cell damage by prolonged failure to maintain an appropriate storage charge • Use in inappropriate environments (dust, corrosive vapor, humidity, temperature) • Natural cell cycle aging over time • Breakage or damage due to lightning. • Connection terminals and screws destroyed or other damages, like overheating, due to insufficient tightening. • Any external electrical damage including reverse polarity, over-voltage due to external cause. This warranty will be void where the product has been misused, neglected, improperly installed, or repaired by any other party other than an authorised service partner.

Limited warranty policy repair or replacement are our sole remedies and we shall not be liable for damages, whether direct, incidental, consequential, contingent or special damages, even if having been advised of the probability of such damages. KS Energy owns all parts removed during remedy and remedy does not extend the original warranty term. All remedies and the measure for damages are limited to the above. Life Support: As a general policy, KS Energy does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where failure or malfunction of the product can be reasonably expected to lead to loss of effectiveness or catastrophic failure of the device. KS Energy will not knowingly sell its products for use in such applications unless it receives in writing, assurances that the risks of injury or damage have been fully accounted for and the customer assumes those risks, with the Liability of KS Energy adequately protected under the circumstances. KS Energy assures the exchange or repair of faulty products solely with the reparation of the product to our premises. The beneficiary of the warranty must provide all the needed information as may be requested during remediation. The limited warranty is not transferable between the original purchaser (consumer), and any subsequent party.

All Other Products and Industrial Use

Upon the above terms, but excluding the above time frames, we guarantee all of our other products, batteries or services supplied (including commissions and bespoke custom battery supply) free from faults or defects (unless specifically expressed otherwise) for 5 years from the date of either sale, supply or contract.

Applicable Law
Governing laws covering any contract or implied warranty shall be conducted solely within the jurisdiction of England and Wales, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

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