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9b): KS-24 12v 24AH LiFePo4 lithium-iron LiFePo4 leisure battery

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The KS-24 has been designed for flexible applications including both consumer and industrial use and so this will range from electric golf trolleys to CCTV, Tackers and alarms to UPS's. Both the KS-18 and KS-24 feature removable flexible pre-wired Anderson power connector (included) and M5 ring terminations via M6 bolt/screws. A protective fabric battery case is also included. In addition, charge power is accessed by direct interface to the batteries BMS via an integrated RCA style (Lotus) female power plug.
Data Sheet

Specification KS-24

Product code: 5060716640162, Type: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4), Cells: 3270 cylindrical 3.2V  6000mAh, Arrangement: 4S *4P, Management: Internal BMS active balanced. Capacity: 24AH nominal, 317h @ 25oC. BMS protection: Short Circuit electronic trip: (>70A <250µS); Over voltage: detect 15.2V <2S, release 14.4V; Over discharge voltage: 9.8V <2S, release 11.8V. Battery voltage nominal: 12.8V, charged and rested: 13.2V typical. Size: (mm ±2) L*W*H 165*125*100 (Excluding T-Anderson connector adds 25mm to height), Weight: 2.9KG. Depth Discharge: 100% Efficiency: 99%. Internal resistance ( ±3%) : 45mΩ @ 50% SOC 25oC, Self-discharge: 2.5% per month. Maximum recommended dry storage duration: (@55% capacity): 12 months. Max continuous discharge current: 24A Peak surge discharge current: 50A for 10 seconds. Max continuous charge current: 20A, Max charge voltage: 14.6V. Recommended charge current <10A. Recommended Charge voltage 14.4V, charge type: CC/CV. Recommended low voltage disconnect 11V. Float voltage (when applicable) 13.1V - 13.2V. Operating temperature range: Discharge -20oC to +50oC, storage temperature range: -20oC to +30oC. Charging temperature range: 0oC - +50oC. Terminal torque 2.5Nm. Case material: ABS, Ingress Rating: IP64. Terminals M6 thread bolts or supplied T-Anderson (Discharge), Lotus - RCA (Charge). Parallel configuration: unlimited, Series: 4 batteries maximum. Life Span: >5000 cycles @80% - 30% DOD @ 0.5C, >2500 cycles DOD 95% @ 1C. Compliance: Certification CE (battery) UL1642/IEC62133 (cells), UN3480 Class 9 (shipping). Designed by KS Energy Holdings (UK) Limited, assembled in China.

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