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1): KS-LT60B 12v 60AH Super Series Bluetooth lithium leisure battery

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KS-LT60B 60AH SUPER SERIES with integral Low Temperature Charge Protection and Bluetooth Monitoring 

Weighing in at just over 7Kg and with its compact size, the KS-LT60B is your perfect power store for limited space installations, anything from campervans to camping or from trolling motor drive to light industrial use, a huge performance boost will be seen.
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Specifications- KS-LT60B

Product code: 5060716640070
Type: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
Battery voltage nominal: 12.8V, charged at rested: 13.2V
Capacity: 60Ah nominal, 768Wh @ 25°C
Cells: 3270 cylindrical 3.2V 6000mAh, Arrangement: 4S *10P
Maximum continuous discharge current: 60A
Peak surge discharge current: 120A for 15 seconds
Size: (mm ±2) L*W*H 250*160*175 (inch 9.4*6.3*6.9)
Weight: 7.2Kg (15.9lbs)
Max continuous charge current: 60A
Max charge voltage: 14.6V
Recommended charge current <30A
Recommended discharge current: <40A
Recommended Charge voltage 14.4V, Charge type: CC/CV
Recommended low voltage disconnect 11V
Float voltage (when applicable) 13.2V - 13.3V
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to +30°C
Battery Management/Protection:
Internal BMS actively balanced
Battery Low temperature Charge Protection (charge current disconnects <0°C)
Battery Over Charge Disconnect Protection
~(cell bank disconnect >3.80V charge resumes <3.43V)
Battery Over Discharge Protection (Discharge disconnects <9.8V,release 11.8V)
Short Circuit electronic trip: (>320A <250µS)
Over voltage: detect 15.2V <2S, release 14.4V
Over temperature shut down: 65°C, release <55°C
Depth Discharge: 100% Efficiency: 99%
Internal resistance ( ±3%) : 30mΩ @ 50% SOC 25°C
Self-discharge: 2.5% per month
Maximum recommended dry storage duration: (@55% capacity): 12 months
Terminals: M6, Terminal torque 60ft/lb – 6Nm
Case material: ABS, Ingress Rating: IP64
Parallel configuration: unlimited, Series: 4 batteries maximum
Life Span: >5000 cycles @80%-30% DOD @0.5C, >2500 cycles DOD 95% @1C
Wireless protocol: Low energy - Bluetooth® 4.0
Compliance: CE Certification for the entire battery (product)
ROHS Certification for the entire battery (product)
UN38.3 Certification for the entire battery (product)
Shipping designation Class 9
Designed in Great Britain by KS Energy Holdings (UK) Limited
Assembled in China

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