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Main Features Compact seat base footprint with integral floor fixing brackets (removable), automatic low temperature charge protection, Bluetooth monitoring via the KS Energy free app, Over voltage cut out, Under voltage cut out, Short Circuit cut out, unlimited parallel configuration.

Specifications- KS-SB200B Product code: 5060716640216, Type: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4), Battery voltage nominal: 12.8V, charged at rested: 13.2V, Nominal capacity: 200AH, 2.560KWh @ 25oC, Cells: 2670 cylindrical 3.2V 4100mAh Arrangement: 4S*50P, Maximum continuous discharge current: 150A, Peak surge discharge current: 250A for 15 seconds, Size: (mm ±2) L*W*H 330*270*180 (inch 13*10.6*7.1), Size excludes removable fixing brackets: length 18mm each (inch 0.7), Weight: 23.8Kg (52.5lbs), Max continuous charge current: 150A, Max charge voltage: 14.6V, Recommended charge current <100A, Recommended discharge current: <150A, Recommended Charge voltage 14.4V, Charge type: CC/CV, Recommended low voltage disconnect 11V, Float voltage (when applicable) 13.2V - 13.3V, Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C, Storage temperature: -20°C to +30°C

Battery Management/Protection: Internal BMS actively balanced. Battery Low temperature Charge Protection (charge current disconnects at zero <0°C), Auto-low current hibernate, Battery Over Charge Disconnect Protection~(cell bank disconnect >3.80V charge resumes <3.43V), Battery Over Discharge Protection (Discharge disconnects <9.8V, release 11.8V), Short Circuit electronic trip: (>350A <250µS), Over voltage: detect 15.2V <2S, release 14.4V, Over temperature shut down: 65°C, release <55°C, Depth Discharge: 100% Efficiency: 99%, Internal resistance ( ±3%) : 25mΩ @ 50% SOC 25°C, Self-discharge: 2.5% per month, Maximum recommended dry storage duration: (@55% capacity): 12 months, Terminals: (M6), Terminal torque 60ft/lb – 5Nm, Case material: Powder coated Steel, Ingress Rating: IP52, Parallel configuration: 4 max, Life Span: >5000 cycles @80%-30% DOD @0.5C, >2500 cycles DOD 95% @1C, Wireless protocol: BLE-Bluetooth® 4.0, Compliance: UKCA (CE) Certification for the entire battery (product), ROHS Certification for the entire battery (product), UN38.3 Certification for the entire battery (product), Shipping designation Class 9, Designed in Great Britain, country of assembly China by KS Energy Holdings (UK).

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KS-SB200B Batt Instruction Guide.pdf