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Lithium motorhome battery information

Currently in the UK, most leisure vehicles are currently built to a specific price point and will not include a lithium motorhome battery, this situation is slowly beginning to change across Europe, at first with the premium brands and now increasingly with the midrange coachbuilders. They are responding to increasing consumer awareness. The lithium motorhome battery offers uncompromising performance opening a window of greater freedom where electric hook -up is either unavailable, limited, or impractical.

Seasoned motorhome owners will be all too aware of the poor reliability of lead-based batteries, not to mention the safety too. A tale of batteries that no longer hold charge or begin to make the habitation area smell of bad eggs as toxic gases are emitted from a dying motorhome battery, will be a familiar experience to many.

Lithium motorhome battery makes such experiences history. Yes, lithium batteries initially cost more than lead batteries, however this cost is soon repaid over the years of use, simply because the life span can be several multiples to that of a lead battery.

Retro Fit Add a lithium motorhome battery to your vehicle with the KS Energy range of drop in batteries
Dealer Fit Request the KS Energy motorhome battery when ordering a new or used motorhome from your dealer

We can offer a simple upgrade to your vehicles leisure battery to give you more 12V power capacity, and extend your power to give you less worry and greater freedom. Increased use of electrical appliance such as TVs, lights, water pumps and portable appliances are achievable, whilst additional use of high power equipment such as kettles, hairdryers and microwave ovens are also possible.

When ordering your new or used motorhome, why not ask your supplying dealer to fit kS Energy lithium motorhome battery. We can provide them with all the required documentation and backup support that assists them with the installation. KS Energy are working closely with manufacturers to bring lithium motorhome batteries as standard fit.