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Lithium leisure battery versus lead leisure battery

The benefits of lithium

The lithium battery provides far greater freedoms to users. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have several key advantages to lead-acid and other types of battery. These include greatly improved deep cycling whilst maintain constant power, a far higher charge and discharge efficiency and much longer life span. The technology has a higher initial purchase price, however over the lifetime of the product, the purchase price is mitigated and considerable cost savings can be achieved. This makes them a smart longer-term choice along with their unrivalled benefits.

1) Safety – KS Energy LifePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) leisure batteries have far safer chemistries than other lithium-ion types of battery, they are very difficult to combust and further more there is an internal BMS that provides additional protection:
The KS Energy range regulates against overcharging, switching off the charge current once the battery is fully charged or cutting the charge voltage if it goes to high, for example a defective charger. In addition, if a short circuit is presented across the battery terminals, it will cut its output until the short is removed. If the ambient temperature is to low or to high for normal operation, the battery will either cut the charge or discharge current accordingly, lastly if the battery becomes to far discharged, it will switch itself into a self protect mode until it is recharged.

2) Drop-in Replacement – Available in standard sizes with standard industry voltages
We have a range of battery sizes and capacities to fit your needs. The range can be mounted in any physical configuration, including sideways and even upside down. In addition they can be connected in parallel configuration in any number to multiply capacity, and in series to multiply voltage. Our very smart BMS takes care of all the parameters to make them safe and virtually abuse proof.

3) Lightweight – Up to 60% lighter than lead batteries
Weight savings are always welcome, particularly in vehicles were both fuel saving and maximum axle weights need to be minimised.

4) Longest Life – Up to 10 times the life span of lead batteries
The KS Energy batteries are guaranteed to continue to work for at least 10 years. In fact, the overall life span of lithium-iron batteries makes the longer term cost of lead-acid batteries uneconomic.

5) More Usable Capacity – 25%-50% more power and no damage during full discharging
Lithium can be discharged fully, the capacity on the side of our batteries is the capacity you can remove before recharging safely. What's more is that virtually all of this power is delivered at a constant voltage. In contrast, lead-acid batteries suffer voltage drop discharging and generally have drastically reduced lifespans when discharged to below 50%, which means most battery management systems are designed to try to keep them charging rather than discharging.

6) Constant Power - No voltage fade during deep cycling
Constant discharge voltage (see above), means no fading lighting, slowing water pumps and high power invertors cuttings out. You can continue to power your equipment normally, right up to the last moments.

7) Temperature Tolerant – Twice as efficient power availability at low temperatures
Lithium-iron delivers more power across a wider temperature band, meaning at low temperatures, high powered equipment can continue to access more battery power for longer.

8) Charging - Fast & Safe – Can be recharged in a few hours with overcharge protection and no gassing
Since lithium-iron cells have a low resistance across their entire charge state, they accept a higher rate of charge. In contrast, lead-acid batteries only have a low resistance when they are discharged and this rises quickly as they are charged, meaning lead batteries are always combatively slow to charge.

9) Total SOC Tolerance – Zero internal damage operation and storage during partial state of charge
Lithium-iron batteries are happy to be left in any state of charge, which means there is no urgency to recharge a semi discharged battery to avoid longer term damage.

10) Long Shelf Life – Very low self-discharge allowing extended maintenance free storage
Lithium-iron has a very low self discharge rate, which means they do not need to be constantly float charged.

Maintenance Free – Plug and play, no topping-up, float or storage charging required
Thanks to the low self discharge mentioned above,   lithium-iron will store unused for many months without any maintenance charging, there is no topping up of liquids and are virtually care free..

11) Non-Hazardous – No emission of gasses and no poisonous and toxic heavy metals and acids
Lithium-iron batteries are considerably kinder to the environment. All of their internal materials are inert, there are no toxic metals, not even leads or cobalt. Lastly, a single lithium-irons life span exceeds several lead based batteries, the overall carbon foot print is drastically reduced and at the end of their life, they can easily be recycled to recover the original lithium metal.

Make the Switch

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