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Smart Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System

We have built a bespoke battery monitoring system and combined application that is free to download in the Android play store (HERE) and the Apple app store (HERE). The app allows your compatible Bluetooth 4.0 devices to interface to the internal BMS of the entire range of Super Series lithium batteries and monitor all parameters. This includes state of charge, battery type, health, present status (Standby/ Charging/ Discharging), real time voltage and current as well as cell temperature and cell balancing performance.

The KS Energy Battery monitor app for Android and Apple Bluetooth 4.0 devices


The monitor is a state of charge gauge (coulomb counting) with real time voltage, current and temperature display. State of charge self-calibrates over normal cyclic use by noting the low voltage cut-off activation level and then gauging the total accumulated charge to a factor where the nominal charge voltage is reached and its tail current falls to a few percent of capacity, it can then generally maintain accuracy of a few percent. When the Bluetooth signal is unpaired it goes into hibernation (drawing near zero power). 

Connecting Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Open the app and accept the privacy requests. Each battery has a unique Bluetooth identification code (as labelled on the battery case). Ensure you are within a few meters of proximity to the battery. To connect, touch the top right-hand Bluetooth symbol, select connect and the batteries code number. Note only one single battery can be connected to a single device at once. You must disconnect from the battery to connect to another battery, or to connect another device to the same battery.

Using the app:

The battery information within the application is essentially self-explanatory and an overview follows: Page 1 displays State of Charge (SOC) as a percentage, the Voltage, total Capacity, and the present Status (Charging, Standby or Discharging), also battery Health. Swipe left for Page 2 which displays Voltage and Current on an analogue dial display, cell temperature and total number of charge cycles. Swipe left for Page 3 which displays the cell bank voltages. There are four banks in each battery, the voltage levels are maintained closely by the BMS during normal operation. It is thus possible to qualify the correct operation of the BMS and cell bank. Use this page to also disconnect the Bluetooth from the battery. Page 4 is not used.  

When two or more batteries are paralleled together as a bank, multiplying total capacity, simply log in to a single battery. The total battery bank state of charge remains valid as will voltage. Do be aware that the current indication will indicate a factor division according to the number of batteries in paralleled. For example, two 60AH batteries connected to make a 120AH bank under a load of 10A would produce a live reading of half (5A), however the SOC and voltage reflects entire bank.

For developers interested in accessing the data for integrating display and user information within their own equipment, the BMS is the slave to the peripheral equipment and we make the UART protocols available for your free access information below:

BQ_rs485-uart-rs232 english.pdf