Unified new warranty terms

Change in warranty policy

From the 1st of January, 2022 we are introducing a unified warranty policy for our entire range of batteries and phasing out the limited 10 year warranty offered on the Super series of batteries, instead offering an uncompromised 7 year warranty across all our batteries.

Why are we doing this?

In the second half of 2021 we introduced our compact series of batteries which employed a more compact cylindrical cell manufactured by a subsidiary of BYD batteries who have dissimilar support to our original cells employed in the Super Series (Goldencell). Notably, BYD expects in normal process to dismantle and re-configure production lines as its cells evolve, meaning cells in production now will not always be in production. This is a natural evolution as the market for LiPo batteries becomes more commoditized and new cell manufacturing processes evolve. As such, we are in no doubt that many brands that have appeared recently in the last few years available now, are extremely unlikely to exist in a few years time. KS Energy is committed to providing a sustainable warranty and support structure to all our batteries. Therefore we are now standardizing our warranty to 7 years so that we can be confidently supporting all our batteries, both past, present and into the future.

Will this mean new batteries are less reliable?

In a word no. The cyclic life and electrical characteristics remains uniform across the range. Essentially the cells we are using in newer batteries are the same type, notably rolled cylindrical, and superior to other form factors, eg prismatic and thus likely to far outlast under conditions including vibration and heat stress created in for example transport, or higher discharge currents. (It is no coincidence organizations such as the MOD, Tesla and even NASA/ESA's James Web Telescope exclusively use rolled cylindrical lithium cells).

What does it mean?
In 2019 we had just 3 models lithium battery, by the end of 2021 we had 12 different models in production. A lot can happen in four years so we expect the number to increase into 2022, and beyond. Essentially it means we will be able to offer an ever increasing range of lithium batteries and cater for many more requirements and applications whilst continuing to sustainably offer an outstanding policy of warranty and support.
Our Warranty Terms are available to read here