Our new range of Smart lithium batteries have arrived !

Here at KS Energy UK we have been working incredibly hard. Working closely with our customers, our design engineers and our manufacturing partners we have now officially replaced our entire product range. So how's this for a catchy line? - Yesterdays lithium leisure batteries have been replaced with tomorrows technology, today! We still have the same 3760 LiFePo cylindrical cells, we still have the same robust assembly methods, but we now have standardised our BMS's across the entire Super Series range to have Low temperature charge protection as standard and Bluetooth low power (BLE 4.0) smart monitoring as standard. Our KS Energy smart battery monitor app is available from both the Android and Apple app stores free to download. Our new range cannot be mistaken. All batteries have the following prefixes in their model numbers: KS-LT**B with the "LT" denoting low temperature charge protection and "B" denoting BLE 4.0. The ** suffixes denote the approximate capacity. KS-LT100B Variants and below feature 26*MOSFETs on a double-sided through plated 5MM circuit board, whilst the KS-LT120B and above feature 32*MOSFETs double-sided through plated 6MM printed circuit board, both boards feature Texas Instruments BQ series battery monitoring and smart fuel gauging technology (https://training.ti.com/battery-protector-monitor-or-gauge)

Further information on our new range of batteries and spec sheets can be found here:    https://www.ksenergy.co.uk/lithium-battery-products