Our first Low Temperature Charge Protected Battery

KS Energy Holdings (UK) Ltd are excited to announce a new range of cutting edge lithium-ion phosphate 12V batteries that have been designed with the British weather in mind, featuring low temperature charge protection.

It seems there are many consumers who are quite unaware the dangers of using a LiFePo battery in cold climates, in particular charging one of these batteries when there is a risk of frost and the temperature is at or below zero degrees Celsius.

Attempting to recharge any lithium battery below zero will cause permanent catastrophic damage to the internal cells as lithium metal is plated on the anode due to an in-avoidable slowing of the cell chemistry. In fact peer researched articles have shown that plating can even be dangerous!

We now have a custom designed range of batteries that have internal low temperature charge protection, inhibiting any possibility of accidentally charging your batteries when it is too cold. This is one less thing to worry about and allows many more people to enjoy lithium batteries particularly in installations where the batteries do not have internal habitation heating, or external  installation locations where it is simply not possibly to provide internal heating.

Moreover, we are extremely proud that our 100A flag ship KS-LT100 low temperature protected battery is manufactured in Great Britain, we believe this is a first for the lithium leisure market !

product specifications PDF HERE