Our first Bluetooth High output low temperature protected 120AH compact leisure battery

We are pleased to announce a brand new 120AH compact leisure battery, designated the KS-HT120. KS Energy UK have been listening to our customers and have been working very hard over the last year to design and commission a superior high current leisure battery. It has been designed from the ground up and has several key features in its design which we believe you will not find on any other battery currently on the market, all which predominantly revolve around quality and performance.

Firstly, we have a ground-breaking BMS which allows a continues current supply of 160A with a 250A 30 second current surge. Needless to say, this has our unique low temperature charge protection technology, moreover it features a highly accurate integral Bluetooth 4.0 interface, with live data available on any Bluetooth enabled Android or Apple device. There is a free app to download which displays accurate live capacity, current flowing in/out, voltage, temperature and battery life. Internal construction of the KS-HT120

This battery has been built up to a standard rather than built down to a price! It is constructed from four banks of 32mm by 700mm (32700) cylindrical LIFEPO cells which are stainless steel cased with individual threaded bolts, allowing mechanical assembly into plated cradles rater than the traditional lower cost spot welded mass assembly method which can introduce individual heat and mechanical stresses. The detail runs through every component used in its construction, we've even chosen brass over steel for the lower resistance battery poles and high temperature internal silicon wire throughout. Look out for our Youtube battery tear down video coming soon.