New brass battery terminal posts adaptors:

We have developed a new battery post adaptor,
(these are available to order HERE)   These are premium brass battery terminal post adaptors, featuring M8 threads (to fit F12 insert style lugs, to convert to T1 posts as fitted to European lead starter batteries and many conventional lead leisure batteries). They are machined turned from solid brass and fit the entire range of KS Energy batteries rated at 100A and over. They offer exceptionally low contact resistance, corrosion proof and are engineered to provide a maximum 250A continuous current load which can rise to 500A for 30 seconds and 800A for 5 seconds. Diameter at the base of poles 19.5mm positive, 17.8mm negative

Why have we done this? We favor F12 inserts on the majority of our batteries. These are generally solid brass or hard chrome steel inserts, with 8mm threads and are bonded to the ABS shell by colored hard resin corresponding to the terminal polarity.  M8 bolts with corresponding sprung/flat washers are then used to secure the correct termination lugs to supply cable of the users choice. There are several reasons for this choice of termination, which include high current transfer, low resistance, a higher degree of reliability and safety and a low physical profile.

However, we are seeing an increasing customer base who wish to fit their own lithium batteries and simply lack the tools, skills or means to change the battery terminations. Many traditional lead based leisure batteries continue to be modelled historically upon lead acid vehicle starter batteries. The design of which dates back some 100 years or so. The T1 European pole terminals  feature alternate post dimensions to alleviate polarity fitting error. These became  common in the later half of the 20th century. We are unsure of the origins of the first design of this particular termination, it would almost certainly have been for ease of, and fast replacement when vehicle battery charging systems were less robust and featured dynamos rather than alternators.