Lithium Leisure Battery Safety and Compliance Standards

Pre Brexit, the UK followed EU harmonized rules for product health and safety, environmental compliance and protection standards. Upon leaving the EU, HMG have chosen to adopt these harmonized rules whilst allowing a forum where it may, if and where necessary, change legislation to suite. In reality, this will probably generally mean, improving upon certain standards at times.

At KS Energy, we do not compromise on safety and quality, with this in mind we have been investing in renewed independent testing of our Batteries (not just internal cells) to UN38.3 safety requirements, we ensure they meet all EMC and RF electrical regulations, and check every individual component complies RoHS environmental and safety regulations . We don't just state we do this or publish a dubious single certificate with a self proclaimed CE badge that has no accompanying proof, we publish the entire test house reports for each individual detailed test from most recent production batteries. What other manufacturer does this?

This not only ensures your piece of mind, it should also make our administration easier at the end of 2021 for when UKCA badging becomes a compulsory product requirement, and ensures the boring back end of manufacturing tasks, such as product liability insurance continue to be fully valid
You can see our compliance test house reports HERE