200AH Lithium seat base battery for the worlds most popular van chassis

Introducing the KS-SB200B

After many months on the drawing board, several prototypes and many extensive hours of product testing, we are pleased to launch a new high capacity deep cycle lithium leisure battery. Its been specifically designed to generically fit under either the driver or the passengers seat base of the Sevel X250/X290 range of commercial vehicles. The vehicle favored by the majority of British and European motorhome and campervan coachbuilders and convertors.  The KS-SB2000B is a 12V 200Ah high capacity deep cycle lithium leisure battery that easily fits under either front seat (with or without a swivel conversion). The seat chassis has been used since 2007 by Fiat's Ducato, Peugeot's Boxer and Citroen's Jumper & Relay vans and is favored by convertors because it is easy to add a swivel adaptor to rotate the passenger seats for habitation seating. The batteries huge 200Ah (2.56KWh) capacity is achieved by assembling some 50 high grade lithium-iron cylindrical cells for high reliability and stability. Those reside in a rugged powder coated steel case. The case features removable floor fixing brackets for safe and secure long term installation. Internally the battery features KS Energy's renown high current, low temperature charge protected BMS with its Bluetooth communication to our free to download and use Android or Apple app. The battery with integral carry handle weighs in at just under 24Kg and any number may be paralleled, meaning both passenger and driver seats can now be utilised to achieve a high current hidden power source exceeding 5.2KWh! We think this is a great use of space, where both space and weight is always a premium, whilst affording the freedoms of lithium from a reliable,  premium brand that you can always trust.