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Battery Management Systems

We use a variety of internal BMS designs according to the battery specification. These include Bluetooth linked monitoring and coulomb counting state of charge smart BMS's. Our high current super series all incorporate our propriety low temperature charge protection, with most rated to seamlessly supply up to 150 Amps of continuous current whilst still running cool.

1) KS-LT100B Variant: 26*MOSFET double-sided through plated 5MM pwb 4P*LifePO

2) KS-ARC100 Variant: 32*MOSFET double-sided through plated 5MM pwb 4P*LifePO

4) KS-LT120B and above: 32*MOSFET double-sided through plated 6MM pwb 4P*LifePO

The battery management system can be broken down into several sections. First and foremost, it must be capable of balancing equal states of charge between each of the four banks of battery cells.

Then the BMS must be capable of disconnecting the battery supply instantaneously from its terminals under various user “abuse” or “fault” conditions. It does this by a bank of ultra-low resistance power transistors of which there can be anything up to 40 pairs. The reason there are so many pairs are to ensure a resistance of less than 20milli ohms under full load, which in turn generates barely any additional heat. This is critical since the circuit board is located withing the sealed case of the battery where it receives no external air cooling.

Lastly it must be able to monitor the cell temperature of the batteries and cut the supply in the case of high cell temperature or low charge cell temperature in the case of our LT series, or even heat the cells in the case of the arctic models. In the case of the smart versions, all of this data must be logged and transmitted in real time via Bluetooth.